PEDESTRIANS in Castellon city centre last Thursday (January 21) were surprised and amused by the sudden appearance of three Spidermen, spraying disinfectant on benches and other public surfaces.

According to the Daily Bugle – or, in this case, the local press – the Spidermen’s secret identities are Ivan, Hector and Francisco Jose, three flatmates who wanted to lighten the mood in these dark COVID times while doing something to help.

Initially, the friendly neighbourhood wall-climbers planned to sort out their latest foe, evil Doctor Coronavirus, at Salera shopping centre.

However, their superpowers were no match for the security guards, who informed the Spideys that they were not allowed to enter with their faces covered or film inside the precinct.

Spiderman Malaga
Spiderman outside Malaga maternity hospital in December

Reverting to Plan B, the web-heads swung into the city centre. Although they initially intended to simply walk around for a bit and get a few laughs, they decided instead to arm themselves with gloves, disinfectant and cloths, and get stuck in.

Videos and photographs of the three Spidermen wiping down street furniture have gone viral on social media platforms, pushing the men behind the masks into the national spotlight.

And this may not be the last the world sees of the very clean superheroes, as they admit that they enjoyed it so much and brought so much amusement to children and adults alike, that they could well put in another appearance somewhere, at some time.

The sight of the triple superheroes follows on from a previous and inexplicable performance by a man with a television on his head, who was seen calmly walking around the same area in Castellon at the end of December leaving no clues as to his identity or purpose.

This is not the first time Spiderman has appeared in public in Spain over the last couple of months. On December 18, children at a maternity hospital in Malaga (Andalucia) had the surprise of their lives when Spidey – in this case, National Police officer Eduardo Balboa – climbed down the façade and waved to the little ones through the window.

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