A 27-YEAR-OLD man has been booked for walking naked around Aldaia (Valencia) this morning (Monday February 1).

According to Alejandro Colomar, exhibitionism is only illegal when done in front of minors and with a clear intention of shocking or obtaining sexual gratification – which he maintains is not his case.

“When the weather is nice, I like to go out for a walk naked. I’m not hurting anyone,” he told reporters, wearing only shoes and the obligatory facemask, while passers-by looked on in disbelief.

Nudism is not a crime... not even in the city
Nudism is not a crime… even in the city

This is the fourth time Colomar, an IT expert, is fined for nudism in the streets of Valencia.

The first complaint has already been shelved by a judge after ruling that there is nothing illegal about the activity. Colomar now carries the court sentence around with him – in a bum bag, literally in this case, hung around his shoulder – to show when he is stopped by the authorities.

Local Police officers this morning took his personal details in case parents of minors decided to report him.

Alejandro countered by saying that in the first case there were also children present, but the court ruled that he was simply walking around and minding his own business, without harbouring any dark intentions.     

However, one of the three remaining reports filed against him may not be so easy to get out of.

He was booked by Valencia city Local Police for reportedly refusing to get dressed when he went to the station to report someone else for an undisclosed offence, leading to a charge of serious disobedience.

None of which fazes Alejandro, who maintains that he will continue walking the streets naked whenever he feels like it and the weather is nice.

“My family and friends know about it and they think it’s fine,” he added before continuing with his morning stroll. 

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