Change is happening all around us, nothing stands still for long. It would’ve been incredibly hard to plan ahead for 2020, instead we had to adapt our lives quickly to adjust to the ‘new normal’. As a result, many of us have formed new habits, and in a positive way, we’ve found more efficient ways of doing things!

The global economy is no different, and the past 12 months have certainly highlighted this. As we enter a new year we can look back and see that some changes have been incredibly positive for the markets, whilst other areas have struggled. Both sides will help shape the financial markets for years to come. Ensuring you are on the right side of change will determine your future success.

The technology sector enjoyed a strong 2020, driven in some part by people turning to online solutions for their work and home lives. I know so many of us living in Spain relied on Skype, Whatsapp and Zoom to keep in contact with our families, just a major corporations have also adopted these technoloiges, leading to increased revenue, and increased returns for their shareholders. Many of the new habits formed have carried into 2021, contributing to long term revenue growth for the companies that excelled during the pandemic.

I wrote an article only last week about sustainable investing; it’s something that every investor needs to consider. Tesla are a great (and maybe extreme) example of this, their share price multiplied eight times in 2021, starting the year at $90 per share and ending the year at $700. Investing in companies who are committed to creating a greener world is another area investors are taking very seriously.

As a vibrant, modern investment firm, with our finger on the pulse of change, Chorus Financial clients benefited from these sectors during 2020, and continue to benefit as we move further into 2021.

These are just some of the key areas that are making headlines in today’s markets. Innovation is evolving rapidly; and you need to ensure your investments are doing the same. Investment success can often come down to moving to the right side of change and that’s why it is fundamental to ensure your investments and pensions are reviewed and adapted.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have reviewed portfolios from other financial advisers and the underlying investments are almost exactly the same as the day they were set up many years before. Whilst such funds were probably very good ‘back in the day’, many have far less relevance in the current global economy, and this can really affect returns. Improving investment growth doesn’t always needs to be about taking more risk. Often simply updating and diversifying the holdings can lead to dramatic improvements.

If your pension or investment portfolio has been neglected, you feel your current arrangement has not been keeping up with these changing times, or you need to replace your UK adviser due to Brexit, speak to Chorus for a free, no-obligation portfolio review. We’ll also help identify and remove any hidden fees we can find in your existing plans, which can lead to savings of 2-3% per year from your overall charges.

Call Chorus Financial today on +34 965 641 163, email or visit for more information.

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