For years now, we have heard the word Brexit mentioned many, many times.

Often, when I spoke to people about Brexit and the possible changes that would occur as a consequence, I just usually got a shrug or “what do you think is going to change – after all, we are British and Spain needs us” but at the end of the day, we are now classed as immigrants.

That of course, is true, but as we can see, there are already changes.

Firstly, there is the TIE. If you are a resident, and have the green Residencia document or card, it is just a case of changing over to it of you want to.

There is no compulsion to do so if you have a valid Residencia.

If you are not a resident, and plan to stay, you need to start this process if you haven’t already. This will require a Padron, proof of income and healthcare.

For those with UK registered vehicles, they will need to be changed to Spanish plates if you are here for more than 90 days, as will your driving licence.

There is no alternative if you wish to continue living in Spain.

The Spanish government is now in talks with the UK and there may be some changes at some point, as separate agreements are made, which will include, hopefully an alternative to the EHIC card.

But as there is very limited travelling at the moment, due to the COVID situation throughout the world, there is no immediately necessity for this.

My world, like everyone’s has become smaller and very frustrating and I just hope quantities of the vaccine will soon be available to take one factor away, which of course, is fear.

I try not to become a recluse, as I so enjoy going out for meals, and looking at the sea, and chatting, but all the time, you are just keeping your fingers crossed, but this has now stopped.

I do, however, feel safer in Spain as they seem to be far stricter on mixing and especially the wearing of masks.

I do not understand, with such a high death rate in the UK, why mask wearing is not mandatory at all times, like here.

As I am convinced it does help and anything that helps, must be beneficial.

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