SOME 18 municipalities have been permitted to re-open their outer perimeters from today after lowering their coronavirus incidence rates.

The towns have been freed from the restriction by the Junta, which published a list of the municipalities in its official gazette (BOJA).

It comes after all 18 registered a 14-day cumulative incidence rate of below 500 cases per 100,000 people on Thursday.

The 18 towns which have re-opened their perimeters from today are:

ALMERIA: Cantoria, Felix, Lijar, Lucainena de las Torres and Santa Cruz de Marchena.

CORDOBA: Santa Eufemia.

GRANADA: Cenes de la Vega, Hueneja and Lanteira.

JAEN: Pegalajar and Puente de Génave.

MALAGA: Archidona, Comares, Humilladero, Igualeja and Viñuela.

SEVILLA: Castilleja de Guzman and La Roda de Andalucia.

The expert committee will meet with the Junta again on Monday to assess the latest coronavirus figures.

Any town which falls below the 500-cases or 1,000-cases per 100,000 people threshold will lift the corresponding restrictions on Wednesday (as long as two weeks have passed since first applying them).

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