A MAN has been arrested for at least 30 sexual assaults on women in Mallorca.

Guardia Civil took the alleged sexual predator, aged 23, into custody yesterday.

He has been charged with a string of crimes including exhibitionism, coercion and sexual harassment.

An investigation was launched into the detainee after he assaulted a young woman, aged 18, at Binissalem train station in October of last year.

The man had sat down next to the victim, running his fingers over her crotch area.

When she asked him to stop and got up from her seat, he slapped her bottom and followed her down the carriage.

After he was caught, investigators suspected that he could be behind a series of similar assaults.

These included targeting and assaulting women at train stations, following schoolgirls home and harassing random women over the phone. 

Police proceeded to reinterview his alleged victims, with all identifying the detainee as the man who committed the crime against them.

It comes weeks after a man, aged 43, was arrested for sexually assaulting a teenage girl at Palma’s Intermodel Station.

Investigators say the underage girl was pinned to a wall by the man and had her breasts repeatedly groped.

Thankfully, locals came to the teenager’s aid and restrained the man until police arrived at the scene.

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