TWO Valencian nurses have found a way to increase the number of doses available in each Pfizer anti-COVID vial.

The pharmaceutical company states that each bottle contains enough liquid for six inoculations.

However, two nurses from Sagunto and Gandia with more than 20 years’ experience in wards and as teachers at Valencia University have carefully analysed the technical information from the laboratory and have reached the conclusion that seven vaccines can be obtained from each vial instead of six.

Their theory has been backed up with a series of simulation tests, strictly following the preparation instructions set out by the company.

Coronavirus   Sat Feb 13  2021
Every drop counts…

Their experiments reportedly prove that there is a way to eliminate ‘dead space’ inside the syringes and needles to ensure that not a single drop is wasted.

Ana and Natalia say their aim is to help increase the number of available vaccines and speed up the inoculation process, now that the jabs are considered almost liquid gold due to supply problems.

They add that their discovery should be approved by Pfizer, as the firm itself already increased the number of doses available per vial from five to six.

The investigators insist that using their method does not mean that patients receive a smaller dose.

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