AN Altea campaign group claims their written plea for a pause on new 5G mobile phone masts has been met with silence by the local council.

‘Seoberania y Salud’ say they’re worried about health risks from the 5G technology with five sites already said to be operational in the municipality.

Group member Serafin Cortes said.” We wrote to Altea council last November calling for a moratorium on new masts to be discussed at a plenary session but there has been no reply to our request.”

The group collected around a hundred signatures to support their letter to the council.

They emphasise they are not against the principle of 5G but are worried about its health implications.

“Our opinion is based on independent scientific evidence, and has precedents in many municipalities in Murcia and Catalunya,” added Cortes.

“Cancer, infertility, insomnia, disturbance of the immune and nervous system are some of the effects of high intensity radio frequencies such as 5G,” she claimed.

The World Health Organisation said in 2014 that no adverse health effects had been detected from mobile phone masts.

Radio wave bands used for all mobile technology, including 5G, are classified as ‘non-ionising’ which means they do not have enough energy to cause any cellular damage to the human body.

Altea’s New Technology councillor, Pere Barber, said: “I don’t see 5G as being any different to previous mobile systems and there are no studies to suggest it is more of a health risk compared to say 4G, WiFi or a domestic microwave.”

Barber added that Altea council has no leverage over 5G masts anyway with sites and approvals being the responsibility of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

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