POLICE have revealed fresh evidence in the ‘El Melillero’ acid attack case that point to deep psychological issues towards women.

José Arcadio D. N, known as El Mellilero due to his birthplace on the Spanish enclave of Melilla, was arrested on Januar 15 for a sickening acid attack on his ex-girlfriend and her friend in the Cartama area of Malaga.

He is currently held in the prison of Alhaurin de la Torre whilst his case comes to court and whilst police investigate the motives and details of the case to bring to the trial.

During these investigations, detectives discovered GPS tracking devices on both the victims cars hidden under the chassis.

The device was linked to an app on his mobile phone so he could track the whereabouts of the women at all times.

Police say this is typical for someone with an ‘obsession’ with their victim and highlights deep psychological issues with the attacker.

As more and more details of the attack emerge, the case against José Arcadio D. N grows, with prosecutors asking for two and a half years in prison for the attack which left two women with permanent scarring.

Arcadio maintains his innocence in a statement given to the provincial judge during his initial hearing, however refuses to comment and only speaks through his lawyer according to information given to SUR newspaper.

José Arcadio D. N is facing trial for throwing sulphuric acid into the open car window of his ex-girlfriend Sandra and her friend Christina before speeding away.

After a tense seven days on the run including high speed car chases and the injuring of Guardia Civil officers, he was apprehended by police at a rural farmhouse in the Entrerríos area of Mijas.

Friends involved in the attempted concealment of Arcadio during his hideout have already been arrested and received prison sentences.

Arcadio stands trial for the Cartama attack, as well as the violent beating of another former partner and the mother of his child, 10 years ago in a Marbella nightclub.

The son of a Senegalese legionnaire, Arcadio has lived a life of crime since he was 12 years old, fleeing his native Melilla for the Costa del Sol along with other members of a violent criminal gang that specialised in violence, robbery and intimidation.

His criminal ways carried on whilst on Spanish shores, and just before his arrest he was due to sit trial for previous crimes, including the beating of his former lover.

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