A Zaragoza man has been cleared of cutting off the penis of his British roommate with a kitchen knife after the ‘victim’ changed his story.

Judges acquitted Aaron Beltran, known as the hip hop artist Sanatorio del Atico, at the Provincial Court today(March 16) after the trial earlier this month.

Beltran was arrested in his flat in March 2019 on a charge of intentional wounding 35-year-old English teacher, Andrew Breach.

Breach suffers from Gender Dysphoria, a condition where sufferers believe they have been born of the wrong sex.

Beltran told the court that the first he knew about the incident was when Breach went into his room and threw a rubbish bag at him with his penis inside.

He also shouted ‘I have done it. I have done it’.

Aaron Beltran gave the bag to a police officer and the penis was successfully reattached .

Breach spent three weeks in hospital followed by three months of recuperation before returning to the UK.

The Policia Nacional alleged that a plan was hatched between the two men to download a video of the castration online in order to make money.

However, Andrew Breach admitted to the three Provincial Court judges that Beltran had nothing to do with what happened and changed his evidence.

The court also ruled that there was no evidence of any video recordings on either of the men’s mobile phones and that three other people who lived in the property saw nothing of what happened.

The judges said that ‘Mr.Breach suffered from a chronic psychiatric disorder which would lead him to commit extreme acts’.

His statements and recollection of events changed several times leading up to the trial on March 1 and March 2.

The judges instructed the public prosecutor not to charge Breach with perjury due to ‘his mental state’.

Prosecutors though can choose to appeal the ‘not guilty’ verdict if they wish to.

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