VALENCIA is set to become the first Spanish city with its own Chinatown district.

The plans were unveiled this week, after the project obtained the fourth highest number of votes in a public budget scheme known as ‘Decidim’ (‘We decide’), in which residents choose from a list of proposals.

Chinatown Valencia will follow the footsteps of other similar developments in London, New York and Sydney (Australia), with Oriental-style gateways welcoming visitors and marking the entrance and exit.

The arches will be built by artists involved in the construction of the Fallas monuments and will reportedly be located on C/ Xativa in the city centre, at the intersections with Pelayo and Convento Jerusalen streets.

This area is home to up to 100 restaurants and businesses run by people from the Asian country, and is home to the extremely popular Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinatown Sydney
Chinatown Sydney

Work is expected to begin over the new few months, with an initial budget of €14,000 for the planning process.

City Hall sources highlight the promotional benefits of the project, as Chinatowns usually become a top magnet for visitors.

Spokespeople for the local Chinese Cultural Association have applauded the plans, revealing that they have been promoting the area among their countrymen for several years.

There are currently an estimated 20,000 residents of Chinese origin in Valencia city.

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