FALLING from the sky can be thirsty work.

A daredevil skydiver in Spain has gone viral after jumping 12,000 feet to reach his favourite drink. 

Paraglider Nil Farre Berge, from Barcelona, was caught on camera speeding down from the sky at 60mph before picking up a can of Red Bull in one fell swoop. 

The 28-year-old was lifted over 1200ft and parachuted safely back to earth, executing the trick seamlessly. 

Nil pulled off the stunt after pals told him it was impossible to pick up the can in the exact right spot while moving at such a high speed – and he set out to prove them wrong.

Skydiving instructor Nil said: “The speed you can go down is amazing! The adrenaline it gives you is incredible.

“It was my first attempt with that parachute, but I had tried one more time with another one.

“It was a very nice challenge. I showed myself that I am progressing well in my development as an athlete.”

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