A LARGE marijuana plantation has been found by police during an eviction in Mallorca.

Guardia Civil had been tasked with the removal of two tenants, aged 31 and 44, from a villa in Calvia.

Upon inspection of the property, officers uncovered hundreds of marijuana plants growing in one of the rooms as well as various equipment used for the cultivation of the narcotic.

The tenants were swiftly cuffed and have both been charged with drug trafficking, a crime against public health and the theft of electricity. 

Meanwhile, as part of an anti-drugs operation, Guardia Civil uncovered another marijuana plantation set up inside a house in s’Arenal.

After receiving a tip-off that the drug was being grown inside, officers raided the property at dawn.

Here they found over 400 plants, many in an advanced state of growth, with a sophisticated electrical installation connected to the electricity grid illegally.

No arrests were made as the house was empty at the time of the raid, however the investigation remains open.

It comes just two weeks after police in Columbia and Mallorca teamed up to smash a drug smuggling family on the island.

An investigation was initiated when police at Bogota’s El Dorado airport discovered a package destined for the Mallorcan town of Son Severa was concealing almost 5 kilos of cocaine.

Policia Nacional in Mallorca were immediately notified and a task team was set up to bring down the criminal gang.

An ensuing raid uncovered large quantities of cocaine and two marijuana plantations with over 100 plants and various cutting equipment.

Eight family members were arrested in the sting.


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