AS the COVID vaccination campaign surges ahead this week in the Valencia region with the opening of several ‘vacunadrome’ mega-vaccination points (as reported by The Olive Press), Valencia’s Hospital Clinico is working on a different type of treatment.

The centre’s haematology department has launched a second-stage clinical trial for curing infection caused by COVID-19, using white blood cells of patients who successfully recovered from the disease to trigger an immune response in people who are currently suffering from active infection.

According to a press release issued by the regional Generalitat government, the first test subject has been administered the treatment ready for the three-month second phase of the trial.

More specifically, scientists are testing the effectiveness of T lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that stores anti-infection information and destroys infected cells.

White blood cell COVID treatment

These lymphocytes were specifically created by the immune systems of patients who successfully recovered from COVID and are therefore tailor-made to eliminate the coronavirus.    

They are said to target infected cells, preventing them from multiplying and thus stopping the virus from spreading through the body.

Investigators aim to test whether inoculating these lymphocytes in patients suffering from acute COVID infection improves their condition and prognosis.

Both the donors and test subjects have been selected according to a series of strict criteria and with their full permission.

Spokespeople for the Valencia team reveal that this type of treatment has been successfully used for some time on bone marrow transplant patients to speed up the recovery of their immune systems following surgery.


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