A SPANISH man has been arrested in the Alcoron region of Madrid for selling online facial enhancement medication that has caused serious injuries on a number of women.

The man was arrested by officers from the Policia Nacional after several testimonies of facial injuries were reported by women across the county after using the treatment.

The cosmetic treatment, a cream designed to increase the volume of the lips when applied, was reportedly responsible for causing allergic reactions, infections, necrosis and even facial paralysis among its users.

The investigation began back in November when the complaints came through, and the website that sold the product was found to be registered in the Alcorcon suburb of Madrid.

Police also looked into the details of the product, and discovered that it did not have an expiration date or a recorded batch number.

The seller was also not registered to sell pharmaceutical products and the company that he operated under was not a legal entity.

According to the police report, many of the women affected contacted the seller to complain, but they were largely ignored, until eventually he responded, telling the women to apply chamomile to their faces.

Toxicology reports are currently underway to understand what the active ingredients were that caused the reactions and a search is underway to find other potential victims.

The man responsible for the crime, a 60-year-old, Madrid native, is no stranger to the law, with police confirming that he had a history of fraud from 20 years ago.


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