AIRPORT POLICE have arrested a Swedish tourist at Malaga airport border control as she was about to catch a flight home.

The 32-year-old woman has been accused of falsely reporting a jewellery theft from the apartment where she stayed in Fuengirola, supposedly to claim on three travel insurance policies.

The investigation began on Monday morning when the woman reported a theft at Fuengirola police station.

According to the woman, thieves had broken into the apartment where she was staying with her son, whilst she and her child had been out.

She claimed to have found the door open and that several of her belongings were missing, specifically a Rolex watch valued at €15,000 euros, two white gold wedding rings, a suitcase and a credit card.

But on arrival at the scene of the crime, the Fuengirola police found that the door of the apartment had not been forced and nothing on the inside had been apparently disturbed, arousing suspicion to the theft report.

The quick-thinking police then asked if the tourist had travel insurance, to which she revealed she had taken out three policies with different companies just before her holiday.

Without more evidence, the police had to let the tourist go as she was returning to Stockholm that same afternoon, however the Fuengirola police officers contacted their colleagues at the airport to see if they could try to intercept the woman and get more evidence.

The woman was detained at the boarding control area asked to open her suitcase. The Rolex watch and one of the rings was found inside the case.

The woman was charged with falsely reporting a theft claim, but later released in order to care for her son.


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