TOUGH new measures to punish sick animal abusers in Valencia could come into force following a landmark trial. 

Animal welfare chiefs were left furious after a barbaric thug left a dog for dead on a farm in Catarroja in 2017. 

The female doberman was found in critical condition, seriously malnourished and covered in wounds after being neglected by her owner. 

She was rushed to Paterna veterinary hospital where it was confirmed the pup was ‘on the verge of death’. 

Thankfully the dog made a full recovery and was later adopted but Catarroja’s court decided not to pursue legal action at the time.

Thanks to the heroic work of animal campaigners at Modepran, who helped nurse the pup after she was rescued, the thug could now face up to a year in prison for animal cruelty. 

The non-profit organisation, which runs its own animal shelter, successfully filed for an appeal against the sick animal appeal. 

The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office is requesting a one-year prison sentence for the man from Catarroja after he was found guilty of omission of the duty of care. 

 If he is imprisoned, it will be the first time an animal abuser will be jailed in La Comunidad Valenciana.

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