INVESTIGATORS in Mallorca have revealed that CCTV footage held the key to uncovering the cause of death of a man murdered by his girlfriend.

Yesterday, the Olive Press reported that a 38-year-old Spaniard had been arrested for allegedly murdering her 25-year-old Italian boyfriend and covering up his death with a web of lies.

According to the woman’s first and one of many contradictory statements to police, she claimed that while in Palma’s Son Valenti industrial estate, she started her car without noticing that the passenger door was open and as the vehicle began to move forward, her boyfriend fell to the ground and onto his head.

Despite being rushed to hospital, the man died in intensive care the next day.

A coroner determined that the man’s injuries were not sustained from a fall of this kind and were more consistent with being run over by a car, leading police to believe that the woman was in some way responsible.

Local CCTV footage was analysed and showed the couple first arguing in the estate.

The woman then gets into the car and the man climbs onto the hood to stop her from leaving.

She then accelerates forward for several metres before the man is thrown off the hood and when he lands on the ground she drives straight over him and out of the camera’s shot.

He is seen on the ground bleeding profusely and approximately one minute later the woman can be seen walking over to his body and retrieving her phone to call the emergency services.

murder mallorca
ARREST: The woman has been charged with murder

In an interview with Ultima Hora, the parents of the victim thanked Policia Nacional for their dedication to solve the case.

They also asked that the woman ‘pays for her crime’ after she left their son left ‘lying like a dog on the ground’.


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