MORE than 500,000 people in Andalucia are self employed – the highest level in the country. 

Andalucía has now overtaken Catalonia as the region with the most self-employed people in Spain after Andalucia saw a 0.63% rise in the number of people registering as autonomo last month.

In May 3,514 people in Andalucia registered their intent to work for themselves. 

Coronavirus Working From Home

Data from the Social Security system for self-employed workers (RETA), revealed that the region has seen an increase of 24,439 self employed people since May last year. 

The spokesman for the Andalusian Government and counselor of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior, Elías Bendodo  said he believed the figures proved that people in Andalusia were working hard despite set backs thrown at them during the pandemic. 

He said: “These numbers show that, little by little, we are catching the trains of opportunities that were lost years ago.”

Currently there is some 955,936 people without work in Andalucia, with the majority of those that are unemployed being under 25. 

Andalusian unemployment fell by 28,561 people in May, compared to the previous year due to the recovery of the service sector following the end of coronavirus restrictions.

Unemployment fell last month in all provinces, except Almería, which registered an increase of 0.66%. The greatest decrease in unemployment was in  Cádiz (-4.22%), followed by Córdoba (-3.90%), Malaga (-3.39%), Granada (-2.73%), Seville (-2.67% ), Jaén (-2.33%) and Huelva (-1.82%).

Meanwhile, last month saw 349,663 contracts were signed in Andalucia,  an increase of 8.95% compared to the previous month and 81.67% compared to May 2020.


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