A DUTCH crime boss who Spanish police say fumbled an assassination attempt against a member of the Kinahan cartel has been arrested on the Costa del Sol

The 40-year-old fugitive, identified only as Noureddine H, was held in San Pedro de Alcantara near ­Marbella last month. 

Police had been searching for the gunman since 2016 when DJ Djordy Latumahina was accidentally shot dead in an assintation attempt against Naoufal Fassih. 

DJ Djord and his girlfriend, who was critically injured, were sitting in their Mini Cooper with their two-year-old ­daughter when they were targeted on ­October 8, 2016.

A bullet fired by the gunmen just missed the youngster and cops say DJ Djord was killed by mistake instead of real target Fassih.

40-year-old Fassih, a mob boss linked to the Kinahan cartel’s network in the Netherlands, is currently serving a lengthy jail term for a range of crimes including attempted murder. 

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Accused N.H. is arrested by Spanish police

The gunman suspected of organising the Fassish murder plot has been on the run for ten years, but was nabbed by Spanish police on May 23. 

The Civil Guard said in their statement, identifying Fassih only by his initials: “The man who has been arrested in Spain is accused by the Dutch authorities of planning the murder of N.F. in Berlin.

“N.F. was the intended target of the ­incident that resulted in the DJ’s murder. The DJ lived in the same apartment block as the other man.

“The intended target of the shooting is currently in prison for a number of crimes. He is regarded by the Dutch authorities as one of the main leaders of organised crime in recent years, and is directly linked to the so-called Kinahan Irish mafia cartel, which tried to free N.F. during his transfer to court through the use of explosives.”


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