THE Antequera health district has been given the green light to return to Alert Level 1, along with the rest of Malaga province.

Following a meeting by the territorial committee of High Impact Public Health Alerts yesterday afternoon to analyse the epidemiological situation of each municipality, the health district of La Vega de Antequera, which a fortnight ago was moved back to the more restrictive level 2 alert due to a spike in positive COVID-19 cases, has once again been given the green light to return to Alert Level 1.

Alert Level 1 is the lowest level established by the Ministry of Health and the regions to mark the epidemiological risk of an area, with New Normality being level: 0.

Almeria is the only other province in Andalucia which maintains the Alert Level 1 in all its health districts.

As for the rest of Andalucia, the province of Cadiz alternates between health districts with alert levels 1 and 2, while Cordoba and Granada maintain all their health districts at the second level of alert.

Huelva, Jaen and Seville alternate health districts in second and third alert levels, the latter being the only one to have two municipalities (Cantillana and Herrera) perimetrically closed, which means that they are at alert level 4, level 2.

The alert systems in place throughout Spain guide health officials’ decisions on mobility restrictions and social-distancing rules.

In order to calculate the alert level, different sets of parameters are used including: Overall 14-day cumulative incidence, vaccination coverage, diagnostic tests for active infection, ICU bed and hospitalisation rates and the percentage of traceability.


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