Eu Long Term Residency

The EU long-term residence permit is a permanent residence title, which enables you to live and work in any EU member country.

The best thing about an EU long-term residence permit is that it is permanent and automatically renewable after a period, and it facilitates the move to a different EU country.

Benefits of the EU Long-Term Residence Permit

  • Access to employment and self-employment (this may not apply for some activities which are only for nationals or EU citizens, such as:
  • Access to some positions in the public administration;
  • Conditions of employment and work (See Tie Card Spain for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland nationals) ;
  • Education and work-related training, including study grants;
  • Recognition of diplomas and qualifications;
  • Social protection, social assistance and social security as defined by national law (EU countries can limit social assistance to basic benefits only, such as the minimum income);

Tax benefits;

  • Access to goods and services (e.g. transport, museums, restaurants, etc.);
  • Freedom of association and trade union membership;
  • Free access to the entire territory of the EU host country.

You can apply to have your family join you in the EU, and they will be entitled, in the same way as you, to the following:

  • Access to employment / self-employment (this may be limited for a maximum of one year);
  • Access to education;
  • EU Long-Term Residence Permit Application

The application for an EU long-term residence permit is to be submitted at the immigration authorities in the EU country you are residing. We recommend to apply three months prior to the current residence title expiring.

The EU Long-Term Residence Permit in Spain

Spain is one of the EU countries where you can apply for and obtain the permit. Therefore, if you are a long-term resident you can apply for an EU long-term residence permit in Spain.

As mentioned at the start, this permit allows you to live and work in any other EU country. However, please bear in mind that you will need to apply for a similar permit in the new host country, in accordance with the legislation in force, when you move to another EU country.

The Requirements

In Spain, just like in any other European Union country, the supreme International legislative act setting objectives for EU long-term residence is the Council Directive 2003/109 / EC of 25 November 2003 concerning the status of third-country nationals who are long-term residents.

The specific Spanish national legislative acts regarding long-term residence EU are:

In Spain, to be eligible for the EU long-term residence permit:

  • You must be a non-EU/EEA citizen, nor be a Swiss citizen or a family member of citizens to which the EU regime applies;
  • Have no criminal record in Spain, nor in previous countries of residence for crimes recognized by Spanish law;
  • Not being subject to a ban on entry (recorded in the S.I.S. [Schengen Information System] or in the National Register);
  • You must have resided legally and continuously in Spain for five years. Continuity will not be affected by absences, but these cannot exceed a total of 10 months during the last five years or more than six continuous years.
  • Have fixed and regular resources to maintain yourself, and where appropriate, your family. The resources may come from one’s own resources or from work or professional activities.
  • Have public or private health insurance that covers the risks normally insured for Spanish citizens.
  • Birth certificate (applicants under 18 only) – legalised with the Apostille of The Hague and translated by a Spanish translator certified by the Spanish Government.
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