ORIHUELA has now installed 68 colour-coordinated bins to help promote and simplify recycling throughout the city.

Children’s play-parks in the area will feature the bright new additions in a bid to also raise awareness about environmental protection.

Bins Orihuela
WHERE’VE YOU BIN? – Dámaso Aparici with one of the new units

The €14,000 project will see 52 bins installed throughout the city area, and another 16 units in Orihuela Costa – more popular with British holiday-makers and home-owners.

The local councillor for Street Cleaning, Dámaso Aparicio, explained that the objective is to “raise awareness among the youngest of the importance of recycling.”

The new units are made up of recycling islands with three separate bins for the selective deposit of different waste: organic, plastic and cardboard. 

Aparicio further explained how his department wanted to make recycling easier for everyone.

Recycling locations and colouring are to help, “differentiate, thanks to the colours of the bins: blue for the paper-cardboard, yellow for packaging and brown for organic waste.”

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