THE Department of Political Linguistics of the Government of the Balearic Islands will invest €225,000 to promote the learning of the Catalan language. 

This new investment will be available to local governments, non-profit organisations and even individuals who plan to help teach and advocate the use of Catalan in daily life.

The deadline for presenting your case to the department is July 23.

The department will accept a wide range of mediums of teaching: whether that be specific language courses, programs to do with integration of Catalan into daily life, work in Catalan linguistics and even Catalan games.  

Catalan Countries
Map of Catalan Speaking Regions (User: Ebrenc – wikipedia)

There are currently 10 million Catalan speakers around the world, half of whom speak it as their first language. According to the latest figures 93% of the population of the Balearic isles understand Catalan, yet only 74% can speak it and even fewer can write it. 

The Government, therefore, would like to encourage the use of the language and celebrate the history and culture of the islands. 


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