COVID-19 infections have recorded another week-to-week fall in the Valencian Community.

Figures today(August 20) show 1,119 new cases compared to 1,439 on August 13.

A fortnight ago the total was 2,060 infections.

Today’s case total though is 158 more than yesterday.

Alicante Province again accounts for most of the infections with 551, followed by Valencia Province on 463, with Castellon Province reporting 104 cases.

Five fatalities were announced today, taking the pandemic death toll to 7,618.

That means there have been 52 coronavirus-related deaths in the last week.

Hospital admissions have fallen to below 500.

Health ministry figures show 475 hospitalisations, a big drop of 98 patients since August 13.

It’s a fall of 26 on yesterday’s total.

ICU patient numbers stand at 84, two less than yesterday, and nine fewer than a week ago.


  1. Having to report good news must cut you to the bone, but keep it up. Oh, you don’t think that the drop in cases might be because your government masters have decided on the quiet to slow down the testing? They need a way out of this mess, and this is the quickest way to achieve it.

    Location : Spain

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