A SCOTTISH man who went on the run after being accused of murdering his own mother 19 years ago has been found dead in Spain, days after failing to turn up in court.

Sean Flynn failed to turn up to court at the start of his trail earlier this week at Livingston’s High Court in Scotland.

He is accused of murdering his mother Louise Tiffney, 43, who disappeared without trace in May 2002 when Flynn was aged 17 and was due to stand trial for a second time.

In a 2005 murder trial, the court heard that blood stains were found in the boot of Flynn’s car at the time of his mother’s disappearance.

The charges alleged that he washed and cleaned the boot of the car to hinder or prevent it being forensically examined by police and that he had previously shown malice and ill-will towards his mother.

But the jury at the High Court in Perth decided the case was not proved beyond reasonable doubt.

However, in April 2017, her remains were finally discovered hidden in woodland at Longniddry, East Lothian and police relaunched their investigation.

Prosecutors applied for permission for a retrial under double jeopardy legislation, which came into force in 2011 and allows a person to be retried for a crime for which they were previously acquitted.

Judges had quashed the previous verdict and authorised a fresh prosecution.

Flynn is believed to have fled to Germany before flying to Spain where he took his own life.

His lawyer Aamer Anwar made a statement on Friday: “I can confirm that this morning we were advised that Sean Flynn, aged 37, who failed to appear for trial for the murder of his mother, Louise Tiffney 19 years ago, was according to the police found dead in Spain, after taking his own life.”

He added: “Until recently Mr Flynn had resided in Berlin”.


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