An 85-year-old woman died after being stabbed to death by her son on Friday afternoon.

An unnamed 56-year-old Spaniard, who is thought to be the deceased woman’s son, has been detained.

Local reports said he had killed his elderly mother by stabbing her multiple times before calling emergency services.   

The murder took place on Calle Juan XXIII in Aldaia, a Valencian town of just over 30,000 residents. Police discovered the deceased woman’s body, and arrested the son at the scene. The detained man was waiting for officers to arrive. 

Wikicommons Aldaia 2 1
PHOTO: Aldaia, Wikicommons

The murder has occured only weeks after a 53-year-old man was arrested, accused of stabbing his 80-year-old mother to death in the Valencian town of Moncada.

In that incident, a man attacked his parents with a kitchen knife, killing his mother and injuring his father.                                                                                       

The circumstances surrounding the murder in Aldaia are currently unknown, but initial reports suggest the detained man may have suffered from mental illness. 


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