The future of travel is in the sky and soon we could see cities filled with personal aircrafts, straight out of a sci-fi movie.

UMILES New Concept by Tecnalia

Spanish companies Umiles and Tecnalia have joined forces to create the ‘New Concept by Tecnalia’, a single person aircraft changing the future of travel.

First unveiled at the World ATM Congress.E.P, the aircraft could ‘optimise transport’ and “improve […] mobility in the world’s cities” explained Umiles CEO Carlos Poveda.

Powered by four drones, placed at the top and bottom, and 16 independent motors, this will be the first vertical take-off passenger aircraft to take flight in Spain.

Covering 15 kilometres in 15 minutes, the aircraft can carry one person or loads of up to 150kg. Reaching an altitude of between 100-300, the speed of the vehicle would be 90 km/h, although the design allows up to 190 km/h.

It can park in tight spaces and withstand adverse weather conditions making it optimal for any climate. Users can also interact with the vehicle via mobile and there is comfortable space to relax.

But what sets it apart is that whatever the speed the cabin maintains its own orientation, improving passenger comfort and reducing changes in incline throughout the flight.

In the next three years their goal is to hit 20 countries aiming to reduce traffic with their unique design.

Umiles is the first Spanish provider of remotely piloted aircraft services and has been running since 2016. Tecnalia Electric Aircraft Lab team designed the prototype predicted to provide the transport needs of 85% of cities worldwide

Depending on European legislation, this Spanish air taxi prototype could be operational by 2024.


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