DINERS in Alicante restaurants could save up to €250 each on going out for a meal, thanks to the city’s new ‘Gastronomic Bonus’ voucher scheme.

The plan aims to give restaurants a pre-Christmas boost through till December 15, which is normally a quiet time for the hospitality industry.

Over 120 Alicante bars and restaurants are taking part in the initiative which has been underwritten by €350,000 of funding from the Alicante City Tourist Board.

Alicante deputy-mayor, Mari Carmen Sanchez, said: “It is a bonus for businesses and all citizens registered in the city.”

Every resident on the municipal padron can apply for up to €250 of downloadable vouchers, each worth €25.

They can be used to get a reduction on meal bills of €50 and over with a diner needing to tell the restaurant on their arrival that they will be using the discount.

Two vouchers can be used together to get a 50% discount on a €100 meal.

The voucher will be a downloadable QR code to be used at participating establishments and are valid for eight days from the moment an application is approved.

They can be obtained by going to the Alicante city website, citaprevia.alicante.es

Image Credit: Cordon Press


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