A passenger on a Ryanair flight between Sevilla and Budapest threatened to open the main cabin door and had to be restrained by his fellow travellers.

The incident happened on November 11 but the full details have only just been reported, along with the release of a video showing the events that transpired.

YOU TUBE video of November 11 incident

A security guard that just happened to be travelling with his partner provided assistance to the flight attendants in restraining the man.

Antonio Quintero, from Huelva Province, told the Efe news agency that it was ‘his first-ever flight’.

During the middle of the flight, he spotted a young man behaving erratically.

Antonio Quintero said: “He started to kick the seats; threaten people with a pen; and verbally abuse young women.”

The situation worsened when he stood up and shouted that he was going to open the plane’s main door.

Antonio told an attendant about his job and joined other passengers in throwing the man to the ground and restraining him.

The plane’s captain left the flight deck to witness what was going on and to approve the decision to tie up the irate traveller with his own seat belt.

Police took the Hungarian national off the plane in Budapest.


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