MORE arrests have been made over a bloody feud between two gypsy families that led to an infamous shooting in Mallorca.

Police have detained two members of the Los Manzano clan that has been blamed for chasing down and pumping three bullets into a member of the rival Los Peluos family.

son gotleu mallorca
Tough neighbourhood. Clan war broke out on the streets of Son Gotleu

Bleeding profusely he was chased for several metres by six attackers until he managed to take refuge in his home in the Son Gotleu district of Palma.

His attackers continued to shoot at the house, which had six people inside, including the wife of the wounded 29-year-old  man who was carrying his young son in her arms.

Witnesses reported that the bullets grazed the little boy.

Seven members of the Los Peluos clan later left Mallorca to ‘reduce the tension’, including the wounded man.

Six people allegedly responsible for the shooting handed themselves over to police.

Both parties claim that the confrontation was triggered by a squatting issue and the sale of a car, although police say they suspect ‘a different motive’.


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