FOUR children who were forced to live among garbage and animal excrement have been rescued from their cockroach-infested home in Sevilla. 

The neglected kids, aged 11, seven, four and two were found surrounded by piles of rubbish and taken away by police officers after they raided the filthy flat in the city. 

Their mother is said to be pregnant with her fifth child and was at an ‘advanced stage of pregnancy according to the police. 

The children were surrounded by animal excrement at the bug-infested home, where the baby food was kept alongside cans of detergent and other toxic products. 

The mother stuffed their home with overflowing waste from rubbish bins, leaving the flat infested with fleas, bedbugs and cockroaches. 

Police raided the family home in the city of Sevilla after receiving a call from neighbours who were concerned about the strong smell coming from the home. 

The children were removed from the mother’s care and transferred to social services. 


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