A POSSIBLE case of Omicron has been detected in Gibraltar. 

More information will be available in the next 24-48 hours after tests are carried out.

The follow-up office will inform all close contacts of the case that they should be isolated for 10 days regardless of their vaccination status.

omicron, cordon press
Omicron,: Photo Cordon Press

The Director of Public Health, Helen Carter, explained that this is a temporary measure that will give them time until more data is available.

“There is now emerging evidence to suggest that three doses of the Pfizer vaccine can generate a neutralising effect against the new Omicron variant,” said Carter.

“As I have said repeatedly, there is no better option for us than a highly vaccinated community,” said Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

The Gibraltar government has been urging people to get their booster jabs after COVID cases start to surge on the Rock.

Extra supplies of vaccine arrived on Gibraltar last month withPicardo leading the way by having a booster jab.

A government spokesman said at the time: “In light of the dramatic increase in active COVID-19 cases in the community, it is important to continue to boost immunity against the virus, so all vaccine-eligible individuals are strongly encouraged to accept a booster dose when offered.”

Picardo said: “The booster, caution and personal responsibility is an important part of how we try to stay fully open this winter.”

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  1. The ‘leaders’ of Gibraltar, the most vaxxed region in Europe, want the pincushion proletariat to roll up their sleeves yet again. This is starting to look suspiciously like a money-making merry-go-round… for someone.

    Today. Quote by Gibraltar’s Director of Public Health, Helen Carter: “There is now emerging evidence to suggest that three doses of the Pfizer vaccine can generate a neutralising effect against the new Omicron variant.” Hmm… there might be a ‘ka-ching’ in there somewhere.

    Also today. Quote by the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla: “People will need a fourth jab sooner than expected.” ‘Huge ka-ching!!!’

    Also today. Quote from Norway’s state epidemiologist, Frode Forland, concerning the latest variant of the man-made virus and how his patients are reacting to it. “They have symptoms like fever, cough, headache, fatigue, but for now, none of them has become severely ill, and none of them have been treated in hospital. The new variant will be mild and very transmissible. Most people will get it, and they will get a natural immunity.” Well, no ‘ka-ching’ for the good doctor, but perhaps a ‘big’ slap on the wrist for speaking the truth and breaking the political, big-pharma, and media narrative….

    Location : Spain

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