Compulsory use of COVID-19 passports may be expanded in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

Record COVID-19 case numbers don't bring new restrictions to Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain
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THE number of areas where a COVID-19 passport is needed to gain access could be enlarged in the Valencian Community.

Entry to indoor hospitality businesses with a capacity of 50 or more people is currently dependant on customers producing an EU COVID certificate.

The measure, introduced on December 4, also applies to people visiting patients in hospitals and care home residents.

Valenican president, Ximo Puig, said this Wednesday that the regional government is ‘studying expanding the number of places in which the passport will be required’.

Puig did not say what kind of expansion he was looking at, but he ruled out using the passport in shops.

The region has approval from the Valencian Superior Court to use COVID passports until January 4 for sectors that it had previously designated.

Ximo Puig said: “The passport generates a permanent reminder that the virus is still there and creates safer spaces because the unvaccinated spread the virus more.”

The Valencian leader added that he will be meeting this Wednesday with a group of ‘experts’ who are advising him on pandemic strategy and health measures.

He stressed there are ‘no plans’ to tighten up restrictions or to return to local or regional curfews imposed earlier this year.

As of Tuesday, there were 735 hospitalisations caused by COVID-19 in the Valencian Community, with over a hundred patients in ICUs.


Alex Trelinski

Alex worked for 30 years for the BBC as a presenter, producer and manager. He covered a variety of areas specialising in sport, news and politics. After moving to the Costa Blanca over a decade ago, he edited a newspaper for 5 years and worked on local radio.


  1. Señor Puig said: “The passport generates a permanent reminder that the virus is still there and creates safer spaces because the unvaccinated spread the virus more.”

    Señor Puig needs to change his ‘experts’ because his current ‘experts’ haven’t a clue. They want to keep testing for a virus that is so deadly that you have to be tested to know if you have it… think about that. Stop testing and the virus will go away. Most people who test positive have no symptoms, and most people who do have symptoms have a 99.7% chance of survival.

    As for the passport creating ‘safe spaces’ for the vaccinated… I’d say it’s the ‘vaccinated’ who need to avoid the safe spaces….

    Breaking news! Yet another outbreak of covid among ‘fully vaccinated and tested’ passengers and crew on a cruise ship.

    Breaking news! Covid is disrupting sports again even with ‘all players and staff’ supposedly vaccinated.

    Breaking news! Quote: “Virtually every case of the omicron variant to date has been found in fully vaccinated students, a portion of whom had also received a booster shot.”

    Don’t you just love ‘experts’….

  2. Wait! What?! Some of the biggest names in biotechnology have pulled out of a healthcare conference in America due to safety concerns related to the covid-19 pandemic. One of those big names is – drum roll – Moderna!! That’s right. One of the companies producing the vaccines is afraid to mingle with the general public because… why… their vaccines don’t work and they know it? Surely, if they knew their vaccines worked, they would be happy to mingle… wouldn’t they? What a time to be alive and paying taxes to support all this bull-crap….

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