PLANS for a tourist tax in the Valencian Community have been slammed by business and tourism associations.

The levy could take effect in Spring 2023 and would be available on a voluntary basis for each municipality to impose on overnight accommodation.

It’s been suggested that between €0.50 and €2 could be charged per night.

Many key Costa Blanca councils including Alicante, Benidorm, and Torrevieja have already said that they will not levy the tax.

Benidorm mayor, Toni Perez, said: “We will not apply it and this tax is an imposition by people who hate tourism.”

The president of the Alicante Province Federation of Commerce and Small Business, Carlos Baño said: “This is a frontal attack on the main economic sector of the area and Alicante businessmen cannot remain silent over this.”

Carlos Baño asume la presidencia de Facpyme – FACPYME
CARLOS BAÑO (Alicante Commerce and Business Image)

“We are in a very difficult situation due to the pandemic and this decision is absolutely irresponsible and incoherent,” he added.

“This new tax goes directly to the waterline of the Alicante economy.”

As reported by the Olive Press on Wednesday, the tax has long been a ‘wish’ of two of the left-wing coalition parties that run the Valencia government, namely Compromis and Unides Podem.

The Valencian Socialist Party(Pspv) under President Ximo Puig have been less enthusiastic but struck a compromise deal for a bill this week which leaves the tax as a voluntary option for individual municipalities.

The general-secretary of the Hosbec hotel association, Nuria Montes described the tax plan as a ‘cynical’ agreement between the three coalition partners.

Nuria Montes (Hosbec): “Cuando se controle la parte sanitaria, nuestra  situación competitiva será mejor que la de otros países” - Gaceta del  Turismo
NURIA MONTES(Hosbec image)

She accused the Pspv of ‘giving wings’ to Compromis by ‘creating a new tax that exerts more financial pressure on the population’.

Nuria Montes said: “This is being implemented at the most inopportune moment and seriously compromises the image of the region being presented to tourists.”

“It conveys that tourists are not welcome and they will have to pay more than in other regions of Spain.”

Tourist taxes are already imposed in some parts of the country including the Balearic Islands and Catalunya.


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