AN Alicante area teenage boy has been arrested by the Policia Nacional over online sextortion.

The boy, 17, from Alcoy used eight bogus social media profiles to pretend he was a female.

At least five victims were blackmailed over intimate material, with the possibility that others suffered at his hands.

The teenage boy was aged 16 when he befriended an 18-year-old woman and swapped sexually explicit photos with her for several days.

He used images of a girl that he previously knew.

Once he got the woman’s trust over a few days, he persuaded her to send him a nude photograph.

She then discovered her online friend was a boy but he responded by blackmailing her to perform obscene acts in front of an online camera for six hours.

If she refused, he threatened to distribute her naked image to friends on his contact list.

The deception took a bizarre twist when during her online ordeal she got a message from a girl whose online identity had been ‘stolen’ by her teenage abuser.

The messenger said that she knew the boy and would mediate to stop the blackmail.

It was pure manipulation as it was simply the teenager using the bogus profile to keep the live camera show going.

The victim reported the events to the Policia Nacional who uncovered eight social media identities, all female, that the teen used in at least five extortions.

A court ordered the seizure of his passport until his trial is held.


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