A BODY has been found in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The skeleton, found near Orgiva, could belong to a head located nearby in November.

The gruesome find came close to the alternative expat community of Beneficio on Tuesday.

The skeleton was found by a hiker in a ravine as he stopped for a rest.

According to police, he was shocked to discover the remains of a man between rocks.

Beneficio 2
Beneficio’s New Age community parking (Image: Olive Press)

“It appears to be a man, but we are not 100% certain yet,” a spokesman for the Guardia Civil told the Olive Press.

“It has been sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Granada for analysis,” he added.

Police confirmed that a mountain search and rescue operation was launched at 6pm, shortly after the hiker had contacted them.

Due to the complicated, hilly terrain, it took a number of hours to extract all the bones.

“It was not easy to get to, due to being at the bottom of a ravine,” added the spokesman. “We needed specialists to get to it.”

He also confirmed speculation that the body was linked to a head found by a Romanian woman while she was walking her dog, near a car park on November 18.

Beneficio 6
Beneficio Community (Image: Olive Press)

The Olive Press revealed that the dog, named Dragon, had found the head on a walk and began playing with it.

It was located just yards from where dozens of expat travellers spend much of the year, near the village of Canar.

The expat had initially thought it was a victim of the civil war, but on retrieving the head realised it was much more recently deceased.

“It was definitely fresher and smelled quite a lot,” she revealed.

The mystery over the body and head still remains.

It is most likely to be that of a missing man, 40, whose family visited from abroad to look for him on a number of occasions.

The Legal Institute of Medicine confirmed it was studying the remains and would hopefully reveal an identity soon.


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