A unique collection of contemporary art has arrived in Alicante thanks to a donation from collectors Michael Jenkins and Javier Romero, who was born in the area.

The American-based art collectors visited the city last summer to announce their gift of 291 works which will be exhibited at Alicante’s Museum of Contemporary Art(MACA).

The donation is valued at around €2 million and features pieces from 155 different artists.

The list features creations by Andy Warhol, Jeffrey Gibson, Louise Bourgeois, Katharina Fritsch, and Cindy Sherman.

Most of the items have never been exhibited in Spain before.

The vast majority of the donation is already in the MACA building and an initial selection of 70 works will go on display at the end of February.

Alicante mayor, Luis Barcala, said: “This is a spectacular donation and it is an extraordinary collection of immense value because it includes such a wide variety of contemporary artists from around the world.”

All of the pieces are currently being catalogued by MACA staff.

€90,000 has been spent by Alicante City Council to bring the art over from New York.


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