THEY say that no publicity is bad publicity and while a photograph showing Boris Johnson clutching a beer during a lockdown event at Downing Street might not be good news for the PM it certainly isn’t doing any harm for the Catalan brand Estrella Damm.

Since the story broke that police had been handed footage showing Johnson kicking back with a can of lager in hand at his lockdown birthday bash last year, the brand recognition of Estrella Damm has soared.

A can appeared on the cover of British tabloid The Mirror last Friday, with Estrella Damm tweeting out the story with a guilty ‘oops’ and an emoji with clenched teeth representing awkwardness.

The photograph forms part of the ‘partygate’ investigation by Scotland Yard when alleged boozy get-togethers were held among staff at Downing Street at a time when such gatherings were forbidden under COVID rules.

True aficionados of Spanish lager might question Boris’s choice of tipple – many would argue that Spain has far superior brands to not least the rival Estrella Galicia, Alhambra or Madrid’s Mahou.

But some jokers thought the scandal could be the focus of this year’s famous Estrella Damm summer campaign.

One quipped that the new slogan should be:”Estrella Damm: Official supplier to the British government” while another thought ”I’d break the rules for Estrella” could be a good tagline.

Jaume Alemany, Marketing, Export and Communications Director of Damm described the photograph as ‘an opportunity’ that will boost brand awareness in the UK.

“Now we have to take advantage of this unexpected event to continue positioning ourselves in this market while being aware to minimize any negative effects that could arise,” he wrote on LinkedIn. 


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