A drunk man who urinated in an Alicante taxi and posted social media footage of the driver’s reaction, may face legal action over his behaviour.

The incident happened in the last week.

The Radio Tele Taxi Association president, Paco Sanchez, told the Diario de Alicante portal that ‘the association is looking into denouncing this individual, not only for the act of urinating in the car(itself a totally reprehensible act), but also because he consciously did it as a joke to see what the driver did’.

Sanchez added: “Similar situations sometimes occur and are a bit of an occupational hazard, but not that someone does it on purpose and on top of that, they record it.”

“If we choose to denounce him, it is to make sure he does not do it again to any other colleague, “ he concluded.

The social media footage shows the taxi driver in a good light as he stayed calm despite the behaviour of his passenger.

The client observes that ‘If I’m drunk and I pee a lot, then I pee in your car. So what happens?´

The driver chides him for his abnormal behaviour but the drunk then asks ‘and what’s wrong with me peeing on you in the taxi?’

In the end, the driver pulls over and throws the young man out of his cab, as he continues to make light of what he had done.


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