A 78-year-old Alicante woman faces an animal abuse charge under Spain’s new tougher welfare laws after she abandoned her six-month-old puppy in a city dog park.

A concerned citizen spotted the dog in a state of distress on its own as it shook and had its tail between its legs.

She had already seen a photo of the puppy via social media taken in the park, and so she took it home with her.

The citizen called the Guardia Civil and told them that she knew who the identity of the dog’s owner.

The animal had not been microchipped and may not have had its fully regime of vaccinations.

Nevertheless it appeared to be in good health with no sign of abuse or malnutrition.

Guardia officers spoke to the owner who lied about why she did not have the dog, before confessing that she did not want to take care of it.

She is set to be charged with animal abuse by abandoning a domestic pet in circumstances that could threaten its life and welfare.

The puppy is being cared for by the Alicante Animal Protection Society ahead of finding it a new home.

The Guardia Civil pointed out that Spain’s new tougher Animal Welfare laws mean that animal abandonment is no longer classified as a misdemeanor but is now a criminal offence,

It is punishable with a fine and a prison sentence of up to six months.


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