A man died in hospital of chronic diarrhea after being poisoned by laxative pìlls given to him by his girlfriend who stole €92,000 of his money.

The Police Nacional have arrested a 56-year-old woman in Valencia after the man’s children discovered his bank account had been cleared out.

The victim, 70, was hospitalised for diarrhea in September 2020 and died eight months later.

Doctors could not work out what caused his chronic condition.

During his time in a Valencia ICU, his health improved when he did not get any visitors.

The man was transferred to a general ward where the woman visited him and slipped him more laxative pills to extend his stay.

She even lied to his family that he could not see anybody due to pandemic restrictions.

Her plot was uncovered after his death in April 2021.

His children spotted one of his bank accounts had a negative balance.

They also discovered numerous receipts from pharmacies for laxative pills at the time their father was in hospital.

The sheer volume of pills given to him led to severe diarrhea resulting in heart disease, muscle weakness, and fatigue.

A police investigation confirmed the woman withdrew €62,000 from different ATMs and made store purchases totalling €30,000. Her officially-documented monthly income was just €400.


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