A man wanted by Russia over a €1 million tax fraud has been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Torrevieja.

The fugitive, 53, has been on the run from his homeland after allegedly filing bogus tax returns involving a company he owned in 2007 and 2008.

FUGITIVE ARREST(Policia Nacional image)

Due to the current situation in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on Russia over last week’s invasion, its unclear when the man can be extradited after being detained on an international arrest warrant.

The warrant says he fled Russia after the fraud was uncovered and was suspected of being in either Israel or Spain.

The Policia Nacional discovered that he might be hiding out in Torrevieja with surveillance established on a set of buildings.

Several days of monitoring eventually produced a sighting when he was spotted leaning out of a balcony.

He never left his home, so the police got a court order to allow them to enter his property.

A forced entry was not needed as officers intercepted his wife and got her to let them in to arrest her partner.

It’s not known how long the fugitive has lived in Spain but he has no criminal record in the country.


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