A MAN wielding an axe at a hotel in Palencia was arrested recently after reportedly threatening to maim people with the weapon.

Police responded to reports of a man threatening to decapitate people with an axe at a hotel located on Calle Eduardo Dato.  

An eyewitness at the hotel raised the alarm, telling cops the man tried to attack holidaymakers in the lobby before launching the axe into the door of the hotel several times, causing severe damage. 

The suspect then fled the scene but officers were able to trace him after receiving another call that a person with an axe was on Avenida de Santander. 

Police eventually located him hiding behind two vehicles on Calle Don Pelayo.

As cops approached him, the suspect made a move to grab the axe he was hiding behind his body but quick-thinking officers were able to successfully tackle him to the ground. 

The axe he was carrying was immediately seized.

During the course of the investigation, police also learned that the 41-year-old had a previous police record. 

He was brought to justice along with the proceedings instructed.


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