A SOPHISTICATED fraudster in Palencia allegedly conned a victim out of thousands of euros and stole cash and jewellery from a second woman. 

The 43-year-old is accused of using a number of aliases to contact women online through dating and social media sites, and in one case cheated a woman out of nearly €5,000, police said.

The romance fraud, similar to that portrayed in the popular Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler,  saw victims fall for the scammer after he used fake online profiles on dating sites and gained their trust by entering into “relationships” with them.

One woman’s life was torn apart by his Tinder Swidler-style hoax when she unwittingly lost over €5,000 after falling for the 43-year-old. 

Detectives in Palencia said the man convinced the woman that they should move in with her after they had been dating for several months. Having gained her trust, police said he then persuaded her to lend him €5,000 and stole jewellery amounting to €6,0000. 

He then struck up a relationship with a second victim via a dating site and is accused of stealing cash and jewellery from her before vanishing from her life. 

The detainee was brought before the court.


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