A British man, 64, may have suffered spinal cord injuries after falling three metres down a steep embankment in Alicante.

A passer-by on Tuesday reported spotting a man underneath a tree in a park area located at the junction of Calle Aragon and Calle Huelva in the north of the city.


A Policia Nacional patrol in the vicinity attended the scene.

They discovered him badly injured and entangled in some of the tree branches that he went through during his fall.

He was conscious and told officers that he slipped when walking and tumbled down through a gap in a wall.

It’s possible that he may have been on the ground for up to five hours without anybody noticing him.

He suffered several head wounds and complained of rib pains and a lack of any feeling in the lower part of his body.

SAMU medics feared that he may have a possible spinal cord injury and a fire crew was called in to help remove the victim.

The difficulty of the terrain and the extent of his injuries meant that a human chain was created to avoid aggravating any possible spinal cord issues.


The man was taken to Alicante General Hospital.

Emergency services said that the Brit has no known relatives in Spain.


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