THE expat-run Whites & Co international removal company in Mallorca has started an initiative to provide charities with storage boxes so they can safely transfer goods and supplies to Ukraine and Poland following Russia’s invasion.

A large number of Polish and British organisations are arranging the transportation of clothing and medical relief goods via the Polish border.

Much of this work is being coordinated through local Polish clubs, also known as ‘White Eagle Clubs’ which are run by local community volunteers.

Despite the relief effort, images showing poor quality cartons in which goods were being packed have been widely circulated, which caused Whites to step in.

Whites & Co have now donated and delivered new cartons and packing tape to ensure the safe transportation of supplies.

“It’s a small thing that we can do but as a company it’s the right thing to do,” a company spokesperson told the Olive Press.

White Crop
The new cartons will ensure that goods are not damaged on their journey to the Polish border. Photo: Whites & Co

Thousands of Spanish citizens have stepped up to help support Ukraine since its invasion.

The Spanish government this week announced it was to supply Ukraine with so called ‘lethal aid’ having previously said it would just supply medical equipment. 

The most important items you can donate are first aid equipment such as bandages, iodine, painkillers, burn treatment kits and basic hygiene products. 

Generators, torches, blankets and sleeping bags are also in much higher demand as well as batteries, baby food, mats, boots and non-perishable food, such as tinned food, energy bars and dried fruit and nuts.


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