A man, 30, chased his naked wife into a Valencia area street and threatened to kill her with a knife.

A neighbour in the undisclosed L’Horta town called police at around 3.00 am on Sunday after seeing the woman pursued by her partner who screamed ‘I’m going to kill you’.

The neighbour took in the victim to keep her safe before Policia Nacional officers arrived.

The victim said the man took off her clothes in their home and tried to cut her hair with the 10 centimetre-long knife.

He then grabbed her neck and started to strangle her, before taking her out onto the street.

She slipped out of his clutches and ran off.

With officers by her side at her neighbour’s home, she called her husband on his mobile phone.

He warned the police that he ‘was going to kill everyone if armed officers appeared as he would draw his weapon’.

Police discovered that he had fled his house and they removed the knife and a baseball bat.

He was eventually located elsewhere and arrested.

The aggressor was said to have ‘numerous’ police records.

His victim was taken to a health centre for treatment.


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