SKIES around the Costa Blanca turned yellow on Monday afternoon due to Saharan dust being brought in by Storm Celia.

Dramatic weather conditions are expected to stay in the area until Thursday.

Gusts have reached over 80 kilometres an hour with dust particles covering a large part of Alicante Province skies.

TORREVIEJA SKIES(Proyecto Mastral image)

Air quality has been greatly reduced to above World Health Organisation thresholds.

People that have breathing difficulties are being warned to stay indoors unless they have FPP2 masks while the dust accumulations continue.

Light levels were slashed as the dust storm appeared in Torrevieja around 3.00 pm.

State forecaster Aemet said that temperature values were relatively mild this afternoon at around 18 degrees.

Heavy rain showers and storms are predicted to hit Alicante Province on Wednesday and Thursday but making an accurate prediction is made harder due to levels of the Saharan dust.

The dust is expected to recede by Thursday with an unsettled outlook heading into the weekend.


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