A new sign of post-pandemic normality has been announced by the Valencian government with daily Covid-19 infection updates abolished.

Figures on infections, deaths, and hospital admissions for the coronavirus will now be just be declared twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday, as opposed to every weekday.

The move is in line with other regions of Spain who will also declare updates as well as national tally on those two days.

Last Friday’s Valencia region update reported 2,059 new Covid-19 infections; 531 hospitalisations; and eight deaths.

The accumulated infection incidence in the Valencian Community stands at 323 cases per 100,000 people which is below the national average of 430 cases.

The figures mean that there is still a high risk of coronavirus transmission but the very high level of vaccinations has to some extent negated concerns, and contrary to some predictions, hospitals were not overwhelmed during the winter.

A national decision is awaited over indoor mask wearing with some regions, including Valencia believing such a move might be premature, while Andalucia and Madrid want the measure scrapped soon.

Health Minister, Carolina Darias, said at the weekend that mask abolition ‘is getting closer’ which would be interpreted as stating the obvious without making any firm time commitment.


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